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biophilic advent calendar: celebrating people and nature

in christmas

Christmas is coming! Let’s celebrate this special time of year with 24 daily inspirations to bring a biophilic spirit into the holidays!

All ideas are easy to implement, most require no budget and some go beyond design, but all of them tap into a biophilic spirit. Hope they’ll contribute to making your holidays even more special this year!

Green wreath on a front door.
  1. add a touch of Christmas to the entryway to welcome everyone entering your home (yourself included) into a warm and festive atmosphere
    read more –> biophilic design room-by-room: the entryway
Winter greenery styled on a white vase.
  1. go for a walk in nature and bring home at least one thing you’ll incorporate in your festive décor (branches, pinecones…)
    read more –> biophilic design: flower and greenery arrangements for winter
Open book with the lights of a Christmas tree as a background.
  1. dim all lights when it’s dark outside and enjoy a slow transition into the evening
    read more –> human centric lighting: raising wellbeing through light
Winter sky with snow falling.
  1. watch the sky out of the window: what’s happening? Clouds moving? Snow falling?
    read more –> biophilic moodboards: outdoor views
Close-up of a crackling fire.
  1. the effect of a crackling fire is uniquely calming. If you don’t have a fireplace, try playing a video with fire footage & sound; it will bring the magic in!
    read more –> earth day 2020: embracing the 4 elements with biophilic design
A bread loaf with flour sprinkled from the top like snow.
  1. cook with seasonal and local ingredients this Christmas!
    read more –> biophilic design room-by-room: the kitchen
Frosted pine tree.
  1. do what nature does in winter: carve some quiet time to just be during the holidays
White chunky knitted texture.
  1. switch textiles and incorporate chunky knits, warming fabrics, and soft-touch textures throughout your home
    read more –> biophilic moodboards: natural textures
Frosted tree with red berries.
  1. on your daily walk outside, record the changes you notice around your neighbourhood
Cat looking out of a big window while it's snowing.
  1. even if it’s cold outside, don’t forget to briefly open the windows once or twice a day and take a breath of fresh air
    read more –> biophilic moodboards: designing for temperature & air variations
Oranges decorated with cloves.
  1. notice the aroma of Christmas: pine tree, citrus, and spices’ scents invading every space during the holidays
    read more –> biophilic moodboards: designing interiors for all 5 senses
Winter flower covered in snow.
  1. enjoy winter’s weather! snowing? go out and feel that chill on your face. too cold? then sit by the window and notice the snowfall while all sounds get dampened
Snowflake ornament with the lights of a Christmas tree as a background.
  1. use Christmas lights to create sparkling moments around the home. let them be your only lighting before going to bed and soak in all the magic!
    read more –> biophilic moodboards: leveraging the power of light in interiors
Gingerbread stars on a table.
  1. create your own winter sensory map including a favourite natural smell, sound, texture, and taste from this season. Then make time to experience those sensations… enjoy!
Gallery wall with winter pictures.
  1. incorporate seasonal natural artwork in your festive décor, choosing scenes that reflect what winter looks like in your region
    read more –> biophilic design: natural analogues
Christmas tree ornament made with cloves.
  1. add naturally scented ornaments to your Christmas tree this year
Gifts wrapped in brown paper with satin ribbon and real twigs as decoration.
  1. use locally foraged twigs and herbs to decorate your gifts
    read more –> sustainable christmas: gift wrapping and holiday cards ideas
Outdoor seating space in front of a firepit.
  1. if you have an outdoor seating space try to make it accessible for winter with cozy blankets, hot water bottles, soft lighting, and warming festive beverages
    read more –> the biophilic ingredients of indoor-outdoor spaces
Big Christmas tree with a sofa oriented towards it.
  1. consider orienting your seating towards the Christmas tree, around the fireplace, or by the window to make space for gathering with a view
Hands making a heart sign.
  1. make time for the people you love during the holidays, spend time together and say those precious unspoken words
A fun snowmen.
  1. channel your inner child this Christmas: sit on the ground to open gifts, have a snowball fight, sing and play with loved ones…have fun!
Leaf name tag on a white plate.
  1. turn real leaves into name tags to enrich your festive table setting with a natural touch
    read more –> biophilic christmas: decorating with nature
Soft cheese shaped in the form of pinecones with almonds reproducing the texture.
  1. make food decorative, maybe challenging yourself to reproduce natural shapes in your festive dishes
    read more –> sustainable christmas: eco-friendly table decorations
Table setting with a centrepiece made of greenery.
  1. create a shared centerpiece, asking every guest to bring a natural element that feels like Christmas

That’s a wrap!

A very Merry Christmas from my home to yours…wish you a warm and happy holiday season shared with your loved ones!

Merry Christmas.
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