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biophilic design on airbnb: 6 top stays for summer

in biophilic design

Would you like to try a biophilic design for a while?

A holiday accommodation could be a great occasion! I did some research on Airbnb and selected 6 biophilic design homes I’d definitely consider for a summer vacation.

Discaimer: This selection is completely unsponsored and based solely on the information available on Airbnb.

building a biophilic design around the outdoor view

An endless view into the forest or the ocean are lovely features to have in a home, and definitely contribute to a biophilic design. While scrolling through Airbnb I found some incredible homes-with-a-view that beautifully connect indoor and outdoor.

villa islander

Location: The Bight, Turks and Caicos Islands

The feature that sold me in this home is definitely the patio. Its wooden structure creates a sort of monocle that leads the eye to the spectacular view across the forest and over to the ocean.

But the same view can also be enjoyed from indoors. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows are a constant throughout this home and – when open – they create a spectacular indoor-outdoor living space. Another favourite feature of mine is the bathtub in the master bedroom. I don’t usually take baths, but I’m sure that with this view I’d change my mind very quickly!

Helicopter view of Villa Islander, a biophilic design home immersed in the forest.
View from the patio of Villa Islander.
The patio of Villa Islander.
The open living area of Villa Islander, which huge windows on all sides.
Bedroom of Villa Islander, with full-height windows that look into the forest.
A bathroom of Villa Islander, with a free-standing bathtub in front of the window that looks directly into nature.
The pool area of Villa Islander, with wooden deck and palm trees.
Credits: Airbnb - Villa Islander

villa verde

Location: Tulum, Mexico

This home caught my attention because it’s the perfect mix of straight and organic forms and the result looks minimal yet welcoming.

Starting from the outdoors, the pool has a lovely curved shape that breaks up the continuity in the wooden floor (which is used both indoors and outdoors). Full-height sliding doors ensure a complete connection between the indoor and the surrounding nature, connecting the pool area to a spacious living space. Indoors, simple shapes, natural materials and a hint of ethnic patterns create a design that is understated and interesting at the same time.

The pool area of Villa Verde.
The open living area of Villa Verde, with lounging, dining and kitchen.
The dining area of Villa Verde, with wooden table and chairs and rattan pendant lights.
Credits: Airbnb - Villa Verde

My favourite bedroom (there are 4 in this villa) is the one that looks into the pool. And should I comment on the free-standing bathtub immersed in trees? The design of this ensuite bathroom is also really clever, with the bathtub at sight and the rest hidden behind a wall that doubles as a headboard.

One of the bedrooms of Villa Verde, with a floor-to-ceiling window in front of the bed.
One of the bedrooms of Villa Verde. On the side of the bed is an opening to the outdoors, where a free-standing bathtub is located.
The ensuite bathroom.
Credits: Airbnb - Villa Verde

bringing nature indoors: a key to biophilic design

When stunning outdoor views onto nature are not available, biophilic design brings nature indoors. And these Airbnb stays feature some really clever inspirations in these regards!

black & wood apartment

Location: Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

What I love about this apartment is how natural elements have been blended into the design. In the kitchen, a built-in planter wraps around the island and is filled with pebbled and plants.

In this minimal apartment, a built-in planter wraps around the kitchen island, creating the perfect spot for plants.
Credit: Airbnb - Black & Wood Apartment

In the bedroom, a hexagon-patterned wall adds tons of visual interest. The wood used to build it comes from the Mayan Jungle nearby. This creates a more authentic design by establishing a connection between the interior and its surrounding environment!

Last but not least, the ensuite bathroom has a lovely organic feel to it. Pebbles are used as flooring and wooden walkways in the middle add a flatter surface to walk on.

Close-up view of the feature wall behind the bed.
Ensuite bathroom: view of the pebble and wood floor.
Ensuite bathroom; view of the mirror and sink.
Credits: Airbnb - Black & Wood Apartment

indonesian villa

Location: Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

This design uses a different approach to bring nature indoors: it devotes entire corners to greenery.

In the bedroom, a part of the wall has been opened, creating a natural vignette that looks like an artwork on the plain white walls. In the bathroom, a skylight window lights up a plant corner that effectively blends the interior with its surroundings. Also, installing a walk-in shower next to it is a genius way to take care of watering with no extra effort!

Bedroom with a glass part of the wall containing plants and opening the view to the outdoors.
Biophilic bathroom with a greenery corner.
Credits: Airbnb - Indonesian villa

connecting with the local environment

Biophilic design is not only about connecting interiors with nature. In fact, it would be best to connect interiors with local nature. These unconventional Airbnb stays show ways to experience the local environment from a different perspective.

casa nalum

Location: Sian Kaan, Mexico

Who’s up for a hut-like home on the beach? I am!
The design of this home is full of character with its white walls and a mix of natural materials. But it’s definitely the hut roof that makes all of the difference here! And to lounge outdoors, the seating area sits directly on the beach!

The pool area of Casa Nalum: a peaceful area surrounded by nature.
Credit: Airbnb - Casa Nalum
Living area of Casa Nalum, with straw hut roof.
Bathroom of Casa Nalum: the wall is made of bamboo canes that let plenty of natural light in.
The outdoor lounging area of Casa Nalum sits directly on the beach.
Credits: Airbnb - Casa Nalum

around-a-tree house

Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

This home features one of my favourite ways of showing respect for the environment when building a home: it’s literally built around a tree! The living area looks into the infinite pool and then over to the forest. Another cool feature of the pool is that it has direct access into the bathroom: into a rainfall walk-in shower to be precise… talk about indoor-outdoor connection! One thing is for sure; this home is taking advantage of the benefits of water features in interiors!

Outdoor of the house, showing that it's built around a tree.
Credit: Airbnb - Around-a-tree house
View from the living area.
The pool's access to a rainfall walk-in shower.
Credits: Airbnb - Casa Nalum
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