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biophilic travels: the ocean as a neighbour

in biophilic travels

Having the ocean as a neighbour, who wouldn’t want to live in a fully glazed home?

In this episode of Biophilic Travels, we’re going to Australia to visit an ocean-view apartment whose design complements and celebrates the infinite blue.

Biophilic block of flats overlooking the ocean.
Credit: Mim Design

the exterior

From the outdoors in, the design of Luna by Mim Design is characterized by soft curves – a choice that recalls marine landscapes in many ways. Balconies are rounded and irregular like pebbles shaped by the waves, with a glazed balustrade that visually disappears. From a biophilic design perspective, this adds an element of apparent risk while allowing an open and unimpeded prospect view from the inside. On the backside of the building, the facade starts to ripple, shaping the glazed exterior like a wave that crashes on the shore.

Curved shape of the building.
Credit: Mim Design

indoor-outdoor connections

Curves repeat all around the interior as well. A rounded flooring transition framed by curved walls marks the entrance into the living, dining, and kitchen areas, which share a wide space flooded by natural light.

In the conversation area, curves add movement and complement each other – like in the sofa that literally hugs the coffee table. Even the rug has a curved profile and its texture mimics a sandy beach. A round wooden table surrounded by curved chairs grounds the dining area, and all these curves contribute to creating an inviting atmosphere.

Entrance to the living area.
Credit: Mim Design
Curved walls that lead into the living space.
Credit: Mim Design
Conversation area.
Credit: Mim Design

Straight lines dominate in the kitchen, whose clean profiles let the stone texture do all the talking. A pillar enveloped by a raw-edge stone block balances the linearity of the space while adding an organic touch.

The colour palette is in line with the surrounding environment. Sandy tones extend the beach indoors, and a subtly blue stone matches with the landscape’s accent colour, recalling the movement of waves in its veining.

The focal point of this space is certainly the outdoor view, with its weather and seasonal changes. The landscape also becomes a multi-sensory entertainment centered on the calming presence of water and filled with marine scents, breezes and sounds.

Front view of the kitchen.
Credit: Mim Design
Side view of the kitchen.
Credit: Mim Design

In the night area, white curtains close the rippled facade while keeping an overall soft look. Behind the bed, the ensuite provides an ocean-view private spa. Once again, the palette recalls the colours of the surroundings without ever overpowering them.

Bedroom with glazed wall closed with white curtains.
Credit: Mim Design
Ensuite with free-standing tub.
Credit: Mim Design

the outdoor

Moving to the terrace, a variety of plants frames a private pool. More plants drape from the roof, connecting with the big trees in the landscape. Just like in the interiors, plain colours and clean shapes let nature be the accent. Textures add interest to all surfaces and curves create a welcoming atmosphere.

Materials, colours and textures are the same as indoors. This visual continuity inspires a similar continuity in the use of the space, crafting an indoor-outdoor experience.

View of the terrace, with plants and a blue pool.
Credit: Mim Design
Top view of the terrace.
Credit: Mim Design

Between rich textures and sculptural shapes, this design is everything but bland. Still, it blends with the landscape, inviting occupants to look and step out to experience nature. It’s a balanced combination that keeps the focus on nature and creates a strong bond with the surroundings, thus embracing the very essence of biophilic design.

Design: Mim Design
Renders: Mr P

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