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interior design trends 2020: a new role for interior design

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A new year always comes with new trends, and 2020 interior design trends will also come to dictate which colours, patterns and styles are in.

But the beginning of a new decade calls for something more. And indeed, 2020 also comes with a much wider change, that challenges interior design on a deeper level. It’s a change that was already there last year, but that will explode in 2020, giving a new answer to the utmost question:

what is the role of interior design?

So far, the role of interior design included:

But now there’s more…

In our fast-moving (and sometimes overwhelming) world, the new mantra is searching for wellbeing. From fashion & beauty to interior design, this tendency has interested all industries, translating into the need to slow down, simplify and prioritize quality over quantity.

In interior design, this also means acknowledging the impact that our surroundings have on us. And here comes one of the biggest interior design trends for 2020: besides making spaces functional and beautiful, interior design is now called to make interiors better for our health and wellbeing.

Contemporary living room with full-height windows looking into a forest.
Credit: Gruppo Euromobil (via Instagram)

wellbeing-related interior design trends 2020

This distinct focus on wellbeing can be clearly seen in 2020 Pinterest trends. Every year, Pinterest rounds up a selection of emerging trends for the upcoming year, based on users’ searches. And – with over 320 million people using Pinterest – this makes for a pretty good sample.

This year, they’ve clustered 100 trends in 10 themes, 3 of which are particularly linked to wellbeing.

2020 graphic presenting the latest interior design trends defined by Pinterest.
Credit: Pinterest

1. finding balance

“When you hear the word “wellness,” you might think of luxurious spas or relaxing getaways. But this year, we’re seeing people think about wellness in a more everyday way. People are looking for easy habits that help counter anxiety, stress and burnout. They’re developing personal wellness routines that fit into everyday life—especially when it’s totally hectic.
Cit. Pinterest

"Finding balance" graphic representing images of nature and a relaxed woman.
Credit: Pinterest

Besides social media detox and healthy eating, this theme also includes Feng Shui décor (+137%), which is presented as the source of “age-old design principles designed to de-stress and re-energize your living space.”

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, the key is that people are more and more interested in how interiors influence wellbeing, and want to shape their spaces to be energizing or soothing.

2. home hub

“More things people used to do outside the home are now happening within their own four walls. […] Take a conference call from the couch, join a workout from your living room, then enjoy some backyard-brewed beer. Because these days, there’s truly no place like home.”
Cit. Pinterest

"Home hub" graphic representing a yoga mat, a coffee machine and a room full of greenery.
Credit: Pinterest

The Home Hub theme is the one that relates to interior design the most. In particular, it includes interesting biophilic design elements like indoor microgreens (+223%), garden rooms (+104%) and indoor water fountains (+917%).

3. re-wilding

“Nature is the perfect antidote to digital fatigue, artificial lighting and sitting culture. Getting outside can lower stress and increase energy.
Cit. Pinterest

"Re-wilding" graphic representing a rabbit, a compass and a natural landscape.
Credit: Pinterest

The Re-wilding theme includes various inspiration for outdoor activities like lake fishing, rockhounding and bushcraft camping. But it also mentions interior design-related searches. The focus is on merging nature into the design of interiors, making it a part of everyday life either through outdoor-indoor spaces (+108%) or by creating designated areas like outdoor kitchen bars (+2795%) and outdoor play areas (+550%).

Last but certainly not least is a growing attention to sustainability. Summarized in the Conscious Consumpion theme, this includes tips to lower waste in all aspects of life. Interior design is also part of it, with increased interest in thrifted home décor (+308%) and thrift store crafts (+2276%).

"Conscious consumption" graphic representing a young girl running, a solar lamp and two hands working in soil.
Credit: Pinterest

Looking at these interior design trends for 2020, this decade is off to a very promising start!

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