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sustainable christmas: eco-friendly table decorations

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From decorating to gift wrapping, the short period of the holidays can generate tons of waste and foster not very environmentally choices. But there are ways to celebrate a more sustainable Christmas!

Let’s get inspired with some sustainable table setting ideas!

sustainable christmas centrepieces

No Christmas table is complete without a centrepiece. And to make one that is sustainable, the key is cutting on unnecessary purchases and getting creative with things we already have or we can easily make.

As a biophilic design advocate – my first advice would surely be to look outdoors for some natural décor! Twigs, pinecones, acorns, berries, dried flowers are all perfect starting points for a centrepiece. Either laid informally on the table or layered with festive ornaments and string lights, the result will be festive and totally eco-friendly!

Collecting materials to decorate the table is also going to give a festive “mission” to a simple walk in the woods. This can be a fun way to involve children in decorating or even just a motivation to go for a walk in the first place!

Top shot of a festive table setting with pinecones and string lights creating a sustainable Christmas centrepiece in the middle of the table.
Credit: Ferm Living (via Instagram)
Total white festive table setting with greens and tall candles as a centrepiece.
Credit: Burkatron
Black and gold table setting with olive branches as a centrepiece.
Credit: Amanda Dawbarn (via Instagram)
Black and light wood table setting with branches and tall candles as a centrepiece.
Credit: Kristen Forgione (via Instagram)

Decorating over a dining table is another option, that will surely add a special touch to the dining area. Only word of caution here is making sure everything is extra secured, to prevent anything from falling over the table during the meal!

Olive branch hung over a dining table.
Credit: Homey Oh My
Branch with Christmas ornaments hung over a modern dining table.
Credit: Zara Home (via Instagram)
Branch with vintage ornaments hung over a modern dining table.
Credit: Style the Clutter (via Instagram)

dressing up everyday tableware

You don’t need new or special tableware for the holidays! With a few decorations, you can dress up your ordinary pieces and create the perfect festive and sustainable Christmas table setting!

A leaf dipped in gold paint and with a name written on it makes for a beautiful and eco-friendly place holder.
Credit: Suite One Studio
A biscuit tied around a napkin with a satin ribbon.
Credit: Sostrene Grene
Two twigs and a golden bell over a black plate.
Credit: Therese Knutsen
Minimal Christmas table setting with white black cardboard stars and candles as a decor.
Credit: anooi studio

decorating with food

Another lovely idea to make a holiday table setting special while keeping an eye on sustainability, is letting the food shine! This certainly requires a little extra preparation in the kitchen, but the final effect is totally worth it! Even on the simplest table, these dishes will create a joyful and festive atmosphere. And the waste here is absolutely zero! Talk about a sustainable Christmas!

Rosemary and olives arranged in the shape of a wreath on a white plate.
Credit: Inspired by Charm
A stick made of frozen cranberries adds a festive vibes when put into a champagne glass.
Credit: Style me Pretty
Cheese mousse covered with almonds to reseamble a pinecone.
Credit: The Chickabug blog
Olives and dried tomatoes arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree.
Credit: Cafe Delites
Spinach bread in the shape of a Christmas tree.
Credit: It's always Autumn

I hope this sustainable Christmas guide has inspired you and given you some good ideas to get ready for the holidays! And while we go through the last working days of the year, I wish you a beautiful holiday season, filled with plenty of joyful, thoughtful and serene moments with your loved ones!

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