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sustainable design: reinventing discarded objects for interiors

in sustainable design

Sustainable design is driven by the willingness to be more gentle on the environment, but it doubles as a creative outlet, an occasion to take unbeaten routes and try unexpected solutions.

One example comes from reimagining existing objects, giving them a new identity, value and use…

reimagining existing objects

Using what already exists is a key strategy to close the loop; a strategy that has many faces. Some of them are choosing pre-loved items instead of new ones, and working with all sorts of waste to create innovative materials…

Another inspiring way of using what already exists is reimagining existing objects before they get discarded, giving them unexpected and often hard-to-detect identities. What follows is a selection of products that do just that, repurposing old furniture, fans, umbrellas etc. into design pieces.

All pieces are sourced from riivin, the fully independent sustainable interior design platform I curate. You can find more by browsing through the platform and, if you’re a member of riivin+, you will be able to access the entire product selection.

Note: this selection is completely unsponsored and so is all the content you’ll find on riivin. The platform is proudly independent, and it sustains itself thanks to the exclusive resources you can access by joining riivin+

Sustainable design for interiors from discarded items: a table lamp, an armchair and a pendant lamp.


Anti is a table lamp made upcycling broken umbrellas. With the…

read more: Anti by Anti


Fan is a pendant lamp that combines upcycling with traditional crafts. The outside structure is the metal cage of an old fan…

read more: Fan by Livable World


Seduta Esaurita is a vintage chair that’s been reupholstered by hand with leftover…

read more: Seduta Esaurita by Renaissance Rehab

Black table lamp made with discarded umbrellas.
Credit: Anti
Lamp close-up.
Credit: Anti
Pendant lamps on a black background.
Credit: Livable World
Close-up of the lampshade made with a discarded fan cage.
Credit: Livable World

If you’re interested in sustainable options for interiors, you’ll find hundreds of independently-selected products at, as well as other resources such as second-hand marketplaces, rental options, and more…

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