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sustainable roundups: a responsible gift guide for the home

in sustainable roundups

Whether it’s for Christmas or another occasion, giving a gift is always something special.

This year, I’ve rounded up a mix of sustainable gift ideas for the home. Some of them are made by recycling waste, others using innovative and uncommon materials, others have an important social profile…but all of them have a story to tell: a story of will, care and respect.

All pieces are sourced from riivin, the (fully independent) sustainable interior design platform I curate, and you can find more by browsing through the platform!

Sustainable interior design roundups: a gift guide for the home.

01 - vase

Chub is a hand-crafted vase made out of milk. Skimmed milk is…

read more: Chub by Tessa Silva

02 - wall clock

Hands of Time is a wall clock that repurposes waste while…

read more: Hands of Time by Wisse Trooste

03 - bookend

AWE is a handmade bookend crafted out of…

read more: AWE by A Waste Epiphany

04 - glasses

Danser is a water glass made upcycling…

read more: Danser by Q de Bouteilles

05 - napkin

Hudson is a napkin made of 100% linen…

read more: Hudson by Libeco

06 - decanter

Ice Bubble is a decanter made of recycled…

read more: Ice Bubble by Ngwenya Glass

07 - wall hook

Gloria is a wall hook made of recycled…

read more: Gloria by Essem Design

08 - mirror

Almond is a mirror made with organic waste…

read more: Almond by Keep Life

09 - cushion

70s is a cushion cover made with textile…

read more: 70s by Revì Art

10 - coffee cup

Ignorance is Bliss is a handcrafted tableware porcelain…

read more: Ignorance is Bliss by Agne Kucerenkaite

11 - blanket

The Siempre is a blanket made with recycled…

read more: The Siempre by Blacksaw

12 - candle holder

Candlestickstacks is a candle holder made of marble…

read more: Candlestickstacks by Marble Partners

For even more sustainable gift ideas for the home, head to and browse through the platform filtering by gift idea!

Note: this selection is completely unsponsored and so is all the content you’ll find on riivin. The platform is proudly independent and unsponsored, and it sustains itself thanks to exclusive content you can access by joining riivin+

Cover: Agne Kucerenkaite

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