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About anooi

anooi is an interior design and creative research studio committed to shaping a nourishing relationship between people and nature through design.

With multidisciplinary projects and initiatives, all the studio’s activity points in one direction: exploring, designing, and communicating solutions that nourish both people and the natural world through design.

About nourishing spaces

Behind the name

anooi (ah · noo · e) stands for a nourishing intent.

Like a silver lining, a nourishing intent describes my story as well as my design approach. It represents my commitment to always follow a professional journey that makes me feel fulfilled, stimulated, and true to my values…in a word, nourished. A nourishing intent is also the light that guides my design approach: designing restorative spaces that nourish those who inhabit them while respecting, supporting and celebrating nature, thus nourishing the natural world we all depend upon.

Overall, my story and my work are connected by one common objective, a promise I made to myself when I started my journey in interior design and that I make every day to my clients and my community: a nourishing intent.

Photo of Silvia, the founder of anooi studio.

The founder

Silvia Ceria

I’ve always been fascinated by nature and – throughout my life – I’ve often found myself reflecting on the impact of spaces on their occupants. Over time, these apparently distant things have come together into a vision of the world where people, nature and design are tightly woven together. A vision that is now the mission of my studio: nourishing people and nature through design.