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anooi newsletter is…

A place to explore even further the essence of designing spaces that live in balance with nature… Through the monthly issues of anooi newsletter, you’ll get exclusive content and inspiration, behind-the-scenes from the studio, as well as preview announcements and special discounts.

Inspirations from past biophilic edits: branches casually styled in a vase, neutral scheme dining room, close-up of pendant lamps with a natural view peeking from behind them.

inspirations from past biophilic edits

biophilic edit

Inspirations from my research and design reads: biophilic projects, design details and ideas to bring the spaces we design closer to the natural world.
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biophilic focus

Occasional peeks into anooi Visual Library of Biophilic Design, exploring the different applications of biophilic principles.

in the studio

Behind-the-scenes and updates from the studio, including previews of upcoming projects and publications as well as personal notes.

special offers

Exclusive discounts and access to early-bird prices on anooi publications and services.

on the blog

Latest articles from anooi blog, including previews of the book-to-blog initiative, biophilic project tours and insights, sustainable design roundups, and more…

Join in for a monthly appointment rich in inspiration and genuine exchange!