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sustainable roundups: 10 coffee tables for people and the planet

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Coffee tables are an essential piece of furniture in any living room. Physically central in the space, they can become the center of the conversation as well, opening a dialogue on responsible materials and making processes.

In this episode of Sustainable Roundups, 10 sustainable coffee tables that either make conscious use of natural materials or reinvent waste creatively…

Sustainable interior design roundups: coffee tables. A selection of 10 sustainable coffee tables.

AWE Coffee is a handmade coffee table crafted out of construction waste. The waste comes…
Read more: AWE Coffee by A Waste Epiphany

Tomb is a coffee table made with stone offcuts. Six stone modules are…
Read more: Tomb by Ante Up

In Primis is a coffee table made with marble…
Read more: In Primis by Pietre Trovanti

Berlin is a coffee table made with construction…
Read more: Berlin by TFOB

Stella is a coffee table made with recycled…
Read more: Stella by Swedish Stockings

Ombra is a solid wood coffee table. In particular, the top is…
Read more: Ombra by Zanat

Tronco is a coffee table made with a mix of natural and recycled materials…
Read more: Tronco by Enrico Marone Cinzano

Shibui is a coffee table made with bamboo…
Read more: Shibui by Ōragi

Bespoke is a handmade coffee table crafted out of wood waste. The wood is…
Read more: Bespoke by Gomez Design

Surf is a coffee table made of PEFC-certified…
Read more: Surf by TipToe

Note: this selection is completely unsponsored. All pieces are sourced from riivin, the fully independent sustainable interior design platform I curate. Find additional products and resources to design more sustainable spaces in the members’ area riivin+.

Cover image: Zanat