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sustainable roundups: 10 dining chairs for people and the planet

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What makes a chair sustainable? As always, the word sustainability embeds multiple meanings that range from a mindful use of natural resources to social & ethical considerations.

In this episode of Sustainable Roundups, we’ll discover 10 dining chairs made with natural materials, waste, innovative materials, and more…

All pieces are sourced from riivin, the fully independent sustainable interior design platform I curate. You’ll find more by browsing through the platform, and you can unlock the entire product selection by joining riivin+.

Note: this selection is completely unsponsored and so is all the content you’ll find on riivin. The platform is proudly independent and lives thanks to the members’ area riivin+, which provides additional and exclusive resources to design more sustainable spaces.

Sustainable interior design roundups: dining chairs.


NO2 Recycle is a chair made of recycled plastic. Plastic comes…

read more: NO2 Recycle by Fritz Hansen


R.U.M. (standing for Re-Used Materials) is a chair made entirely out of recycled materials. The legs…

read more: R.U.M. by Wehlers


1 Inch Reclaimed is a chair made upcycling industrial waste…

read more: 1 Inch Reclaimed by Emeco


Cross is a chair made of solid ash wood. Wood is sourced…

read more: Cross by Takt


ODGER is a chair made with a mix of recycled plastic and wood fiber waste…

read more: ODGER by IKEA


Felt is a chair made with recycled plastic felt…

read more: Felt by Vepa


Nova is a chair made recycling wood veneer. Leftover…

read more: Nova by Mater


No Smoking is a chair made with recycled paper. To make…

read more: No Smoking by Officine Tamborrino


Hembury is a chair made with a wool-waste-based material. Named…

read more: Hembury by Roger Oates Design


Under is a chair made of solid oak wood. Wood is…

read more: Under by Hamran

If you’re interested in sustainable options for interiors, you’ll find hundreds of independently-selected products on riivin, as well as other resources such as second-hand marketplaces, rental options, and more…

Cover: Hamran

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