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sustainable roundups: 10 pendant lamps for people and the planet

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Lampshades are items that lend themselves to designers’ creativity. They can take a myriad of shapes and be made of various materials, including eco-friendly ones!

So today we’re reviewing 10 examples of sustainable lampshades; all taken from riivin, the sustainable interior design platform I curate!

natural fibres

From bamboo to seagrass and rattan, weaving natural fibres into lampshades creates rich natural textures and interesting light–and–shadow effects. Weaving is a traditional craft in many areas of the world and the production of such lampshades is often a way to support this long-lived skill.

Product selection:

Wicker pendant lamp over a sofa.
Credit: Bottega Intreccio

natural “debris”

There is no waste in nature. But many natural “debris” such as fallen leaves and organic waste can be given additional value when used as raw materials.

Product selection:

Pendant lamp made of coffee grounds.
Credit: Decafé
Pendant lamp made of fallen leaves displayed in a forest.
Credit: Miyuca
Pendant lamps made of natural debris lined on a table.
Credit: Caracara
Pendant lamps made of agricultural waste.
Credit: High Society


Upcycling is defined as the act – or rather the art – of reusing a material / object for an application that increases its value.

Product selection:

Pendant lamps made with an old fan.
Credit: Livable World
Pendant lamps made of corrugated cardboard displayed over a table.
Credit: Tabitha Bargh


Textile lampshades can come from a variety of sources including production leftovers, plastic waste, natural fibres, and more!

Product selection:

Pendant lamps made with plastic bottles felt.
Credit: Muuto
Pendant lamps made with fabric scraps shaped as flowers.
Credit: Market Set
Pendant lamps hanging over a side table.
Credit: LumaLano


Moodboard showing 10 sustainable lampshades.
  1. Sfera - by Bottega Intreccio
  2. Koji S6 - by Decafé
  3. LAAB - by Miyuca
  4. Pine Needles - by Caracara
  5. Carton C5 - by Tabitha Bargh
  6. Under the Bell - by Muuto
  7. Fan - by Livable World
  8. Highlight Wine - by High Society
  9. Sonia Laudet - by Market Set
  10. Luma Unika - by LumaLano

Head over to riivin for more sustainable interior design inspiration!

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