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sustainable roundups: 10 side tables for people and the planet

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Side tables are versatile pieces of furniture that find a place in many spaces, from living room to bedroom. Materials vary a lot, ranging from wood and stone to more unconventional ones.

In this episode of Sustainable Roundups, we’ll discover 10 sustainable side tables that are made with either sustainably-sourced materials or waste-based ones.

All pieces are sourced from riivin, the fully independent sustainable interior design platform I curate. You’ll find more by browsing through the platform, and you can unlock the entire product selection by joining riivin+.

Note: this selection is completely unsponsored and so is all the content you’ll find on riivin. The platform is proudly independent and lives thanks to the members’ area riivin+, which provides additional and exclusive resources to design more sustainable spaces.

Sustainable interior design roundups: side tables.


Joaquim is a side table made by upcycling marble offcuts…

read more: Joaquim by Tacchini


René is a bistrot table made with stone scraps. This table…

read more: René by Salvatori


Cassie is a side table made of organic waste…

read more: Cassie by Ottan


Astra is a side table made with marble…

read more: Astra by Studio Raw Material


Rubber CYL is a side table made upcycling rubber…

read more: Rubber CYL by Slash Objects


April is a side table made of solid wood. Wood comes…

read more: April by Nikari


Tinct is a handcrafted side table made reusing glass…

read more: Tinct by Justyna Poplawska


Side Table 03 is a handcrafted side table made upcycling industrial…

read more: Side Table 03 by Charlotte Kidger


Block is a handmade side table made entirely with waste materials. The top is…

read more: Block by Alusid


Upcycled is a side table made mainly with salvaged materials. The back panels…

read more: Upcycled by FÓLK

If you’re interested in sustainable options for interiors, you’ll find hundreds of independently-selected products on riivin, as well as other resources such as second-hand marketplaces, rental options, and more…

Cover: Studio Raw Material

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