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sustainable roundups: 10 tableware pieces for people and the planet

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How can tableware be made more sustainable?
As for other interior design items, materials play a crucial role. Natural materials for example (as long as they are responsibly sourced and used). Then comes the reuse of discarded materials, which creates unbelievable value out of what could have been considered just waste.

In this episode of Sustainable Roundups, we’ll discover 10 sustainable tableware options that respond to either a conscious use of natural materials or the creative reinvention of waste.

All pieces are sourced from riivin, the fully independent sustainable interior design platform I curate. You’ll find more by browsing through the platform under tableware and you can unlock the entire product selection by joining riivin+.

Note: this selection is completely unsponsored and so is all the content you’ll find on riivin. The platform is proudly independent and lives thanks to the members’ area riivin+, which provides additional and exclusive resources to design more sustainable spaces.

Sustainable interior design roundups: tableware. A selection of 10 sustainable tableware items from dining plates to serving boards and napkins.


Circular Ceramics is a tableware collection made entirely out of waste. Waste is sourced…

read more: Circular Ceramics by Sara Howard


Egg Cup is an eggcup made of eggshells. The material is…

read more: Egg Cup by Atelier Barb


Danser is a water glass made upcycling…

read more: Danser by Q de Bouteilles


Jute Tile is a set of coasters made with jute fibre industrial…

read more: Jute Tile by Atelier LVDW


Greystone is a serving dish made upcycling LDPE…

read more: Greystone by Weez & Merl


Bwari is a cutting board made of marble and…

read more: Bwari by Nkuku


The Cup is a coffee-cup-and-saucer set made repurposing…

read more: The Cup by Coffeefrom


Mia is a water carafe made of recycled glass. Used glass…

read more: Mia by LSA International


Double Curve is a placemat made of OEKO-TEX certified recycled…

read more: Double Curve by Lind DNA


Hudson is a napkin made of 100% linen. Libeco sources…

read more: Hudson by Libeco

If you’re interested in sustainable options for interiors, you’ll find hundreds of independently-selected products on riivin, as well as other resources such as second-hand marketplaces, rental options, and more…

Cover: Sara Howard

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