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Sustainable roundups: 10 waste-based interior pieces for people and the planet

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A sustainable approach to design takes materials into close consideration: which materials are used and how are key aspects of truly responsible designs.
Worth mentioning is the creative use of waste. Waste is a mental concept, a categorization for materials that don’t have a use…yet. Moving beyond this prejudice and embracing a circular design perspective, every single material can potentially have an application, it just has to be unveiled.

In this episode of Sustainable Roundups, 10 sustainable interior pieces that are made out of so-called waste: organic waste and leather offcuts, discarded objects, and more…

Sustainable interior design roundups: waste-based. A selection of 10 sustainable interior pieces made with waste materials.

Obscure is a pendant lamp made with organic waste. Named…
Read more: Obscure by Biohm

Beam is a handmade bench with solid wood base and recycled leather upholstery…
Read more: Beam by Elvis & Kresse

Candlestickstacks is a candle holder made of marble offcuts…
Read more: Candlestickstacks by Marble Partners

Sintra is a handcrafted rug made of recycled cotton…
Read more: Sintra by Saudade

Hands of Time is a wall clock that repurposes waste while…
Read more: Hands of Time by Wisse Trooste

Seduta Esaurita is a vintage chair that’s been reupholstered by hand with leftover…
Read more: Seduta Esaurita by Renaissance Rehab

Lo Blox is a cube seat/side table made with mycelium. The composite is grown starting from the byproducts…
Read more: Lo Blox by Myceen

Mantiqueira is a collection of vases made of recycled cardboard…
Read more: Mantiqueira by Tacchini

Rubber is a placemat made upcycling rubber waste…
Read more: Rubber by Slash Objects

Navy is a chair made entirely out of recycled aluminium…
Read more: Navy by Emeco

Note: this selection is completely unsponsored. All pieces are sourced from riivin, the fully independent sustainable interior design platform I curate. Find additional products and resources to design more sustainable spaces in the members’ area riivin+.

Cover image: Elvis & Kresse