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anooi a nourishing intent

interior design

designing spaces that
nurture people, celebrate
nature, and respect the
planet that hosts us all

Visualization of a biophilic bedroom.

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service options

All consultations can be applied to an entire interior, a single room, and even a single area in a room (for example, a reading nook in the bedroom or a home office area in the living room).

You can choose between two options – design advice or full design – each corresponding to a different service level and price point. In case you’re unsure about what service is best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out!

design advice

option 1

right for you if:

You need guidance to create a nourishing space that incorporates biophilic design and sustainability principles, and you’re fine making specific design choices yourself.

The design advice consultation sets the foundation of a successful biophilic space, giving you a solid baseline and a direction to follow to bring your nourishing space to life. Together, we’ll define a style and a vibe for the space, I’ll point out the biophilic elements that best suit your project, and provide you with visual inspiration and written suggestions (including colours and materials) to guide you in all decisions.

what’s included:

→ concept definition
→ key biophilic elements
→ experience of the space
→ visual inspiration
→ design suggestions

Preview of a design advice client presentation

extract of a design advice project

full design

option 2

right for you if:

You need full design support for the creation of a nourishing space rooted in biophilic design and sustainability principles.

The full design consultation gives you a complete design for your space. We’ll start defining a concept for the space, then move into space planning, layout, and all design choices. In the end, you’ll have a complete design plan (including drawings, 3d visualizations, a sourcing list of finishes, furnishings and accessories…) that you can implement at your own pace.

what’s included:

→ concept definition
→ key biophilic elements
→ experience of the space
→ space layout + design
→ technical drawings
→ 3d visualizations
→ design details
→ sourcing

Preview of a full design client presentation

extract of a full design project


Every project I work on is aimed at crafting a nourishing and considerate space, reflecting the pillars of my design philosophy: biophilic design and sustainability.

more on anooi design philosophy →


Projects are carried out remotely. This optimizes the process while smoothing out our geographic distance. Project quality is by no means affected, thanks to the studio’s solid process and our ongoing communication throughout the entire duration of the project.


Every project has its own unique features and complexities, and pricing is a reflection of them. When you contact me, you will get a quote tailored to your project and an overview of payment options.

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which service option is best for me?

To summarize:

A design advice consultation gives you a baseline to create a cohesive biophilic space, defining style, vibe, and giving you visual + written suggestions tailored to your space. Following these guidelines, you’ll then choose layout, furnishings etc… by yourself.

With a full design consultation, we work on everything together, including space layout and specifications. You’ll get a complete design plan including drawings and 3d visualizations.

In case you’re unsure about what option is best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

is remote interior design right for me?

At anooi studio, e-design is not a one-size-fits-all solution. All projects are curated carefully and we stay closely in touch throughout the project.

Since the entire process happens remotely, projects don’t include site-related tasks (on-site assessment, site management and supervision, showroom visits…

Therefore, anooi studio services are right for you if you need professional advice and support to design a nourishing and responsible space, knowing that you will manage the implementation by yourself or by hiring a local project manager (for more complex projects).

do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! I understand design is an important investment and I want to make it as accessible as possible.

All projects are priced as initial deposit + a payment schedule that depends on the project entity and that I’m happy to adjust to suit your needs.

when can we get started?

At anooi studio, projects are booked 1-3 months in advance, so I recommend getting in touch as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

what’s the typical timeline?

The duration of a project is never exactly the same.

As a general rule, design advice projects take 1-2 months while full design projects can take 3-15 months depending on scope and complexity.

can I gift a design consultation?

Of course!

To gift a consultation, contact me specifying:

I will send all payment-related information to you only and, once the payment is taken care of, I’ll send you a voucher that you can either forward to the recipient or print and give by hand.
After the gift is given and the recipient reaches out to me, we’ll start designing! (instructions are mentioned on the voucher for convenience).