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Applying biophilic design

applying biophilic design + visual library + mentoring


ebook + visual library + mentoring

→ comprehensive written guide
→ curated visual library
→ 1-1 mentoring

A comprehensive guide on the application of biophilic design

Applying Biophilic Design is a practice-oriented publication that provides an actionable yet nuanced representation of biophilic design. Originating from an extensive review of the existing biophilic design literature as well as anooi’s perspective on the topic, the guide provides a digested and nuanced outline of the essentials as well as curated visual inspiration to achieve spaces that support people while celebrating and respecting nature.


Applying Biophilic Design is a multi-layered publication including words, visuals, and conversation.

Written guide

A compact yet comprehensive overview of the relevant concepts and design features that underpin biophilic spaces, highlighting anooi’s perspective on the topic.

Visual library of Biophilic Design

A curated and carefully researched visual archive including spaces, details and design solutions that show how the principles outlined in the guide translate into practice.

* space types include: residential (room-by-room organization), restaurant, workplace, retail, wellness, healthcare, education, urban, architecture, and more…


A 1-hour long mentoring session for us to meet, have a conversation, and address your biophilic design questions and curiosities.

The bundle

Who is it for?

Applying Biophilic Design and the Visual Library of Biophilic Design are meant for designers, architects, urban planners, and all design professionals wanting to harness the full potential of biophilic design in their practice.
This publication is also suitable for non-professionals interested in going deeper into this fascinating design approach and looking for ideas to incorporate biophilic design.


How does the purchase work?

Once the payment is finalized, you’ll get an email to enter your personal profile.

As you log in, you’ll be able to download the written guide and access the Visual Library.

How can I book my 1-1 mentoring?

To book your mentoring session, write me an email at [email protected] so we can choose a slot that works for both. I look forward to meeting you!

Can I get just the ebook?

This is not possible as this publication has been intentionally designed to be multi-layered; a choice to provide a more practice-oriented overview.

Together, written guide and Visual Library cover the theoretical foundation of biophilic design and provide nuance, showing solutions that go from theory to practice. Besides, the 1-1 mentoring is the occasion to address your questions and curiosities, discussing the aspects you need the most.

Can I gift this publication?

Absolutely. To gift this publication, please follow the steps below.

Fill out the is this a gift? form, then confirm the gift and finalize the order using your email. Order confirmation and receipt will be sent to your email. The recipient will receive an email with all the instructions to redeem the gift at the date and time you have chosen.

Can I use the content of this publication in my projects?

You can definitely apply the takeaways of this publication to your projects. What is (clearly) not allowed is reproducing, distributing, copying, or selling its content.

If you reference the content of this publication, I kindly ask you to credit anooi studio. The photos in the Visual Library are for illustrative and educational purposes and belong to their respective owners (all fully credited). Please always keep the original credits. A “via anooi studio” mention would also be highly appreciated. Crediting is a simple act, but it’s also a powerful way of appreciating and showing respect for the work of others. Thank you!

Which personal data do you collect?

The only data collected by anooi is your email address and the name you use to create your profile on

Payment information is transmitted and stored by Paddle (our Merchant of Record) and is not collected by anooi.

Note: your email is not automatically added to anooi newsletter, so you can decide to join if you’re interested.

Can I inspect the personal data you collect?

anooi is GDPR compliant. You can download the personal data collected by anooi directly from your profile page.

Other questions?

You’re always welcome to email me at [email protected] for any further questions you might have.