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a biophilic year: behind the scenes of my book

in biophilic design

A biophilic year: 365 thoughts on the essence and practice of biophilic design

Let me introduce you to…my book! What follows is an overview of the editorial project, a summary of contents, and a journey behind the scenes of the creative process…let’s go!

Me holding my book "A biophilic year: 365 thoughts on the essence and practice of biophilic design".
Credit: anooi studio

why a book?

Sharing my design ethos is something I’ve been doing through my blog and social media for a few years now. And in so doing, I’ve always liked to leave space for further reflection. This is where the idea came from, a book to capture the vastness of biophilic thinking in a concise and thought-provoking format.

Me sitting on the sofa and flipping through my book.
Credit: anooi studio

the book

What is biophilic design? And why does it matter so much now?

A biophilic year captures the essence of biophilic thinking and design in a compact form. Through 365 aphorisms, the book explores the connections of biophilic thinking with sustainability, interior design and architecture, urban planning, and the way in which we see the world as a whole.

Offering insights and suggesting practical design advice, A biophilic year seeks to inspire action and stimulate further reflection on the value of placing people and nature at the very top of the design brief.

Book cover.
Credit: anooi studio

the structure: thought-provoking inspiration

This is a book that requires engagement from the reader’s perspective. It’s not only about reading; it’s about reflecting, finding new ways to bring nature in designed spaces and designed spaces close to nature.

Why a book of aphorisms? Because sometimes a concise sentence is more powerful than long pages of words. The beauty of aphorisms is that reading the same words at different times often yields a different thought. And two people reading the same words could come up with different ideas.

This is the strength of this book: being a guide that leaves space for imagination and interpretation, setting a direction for creative thinking to unfold. Because placing people and nature at the top of a design brief can take many forms, and I did not want to rule any of them out with this book.

Me flipping through the pages of the book.
Credit: anooi studio

the content: a flowing journey

The book unfolds into 4 chapters:

connection: on people and nature It all starts with the people-nature relationship, which goes deeper than appreciation and love…

perspective: the role of designed spaces Then, the book ventures into designed spaces, which are as important for wellbeing as they are in restoring a balanced relationship with nature.

experience: the practice of biophilic design This chapter is all about biophilic design solutions that – keeping with the mood of the book – are also presented in a thought-provoking way…

integration: biophilic cities and the future Last but not least, a look into how biophilic design could shape better urban environments; better for us and for nature.

View of some pages of the book.
Credit: anooi studio

the graphic project: intentional simplicity

Despite content being the one most important thing a book should provide, aesthetics is also part of the experience.

For A biophilic year, I’ve chosen a minimal and intentional layout. The cover introduces just a hint of colour – a soothing green – while drawing the eye towards the delicate and infinitely elegant details of a real fern leaf. Inside, plenty of negative space mirrors the mental space for reflection the book seeks to create.

Me flipping through the book.
Credit: anooi studio

a new take on coffee table books

I believe coffee table books shouldn’t just provide height in a styling, but also meaning to those that see them every day.

A biophilic year seeks to be this kind of coffee table book.
When closed, the fern leaf acts as a gentle reminder of the beauty of the natural world around us. Opening the book to a random page can become a ritual that surprises with a hint of inspiration. And displaying it open on a particular page can fix a thought and bring it back to mind at every glance. Worth noting, the compact A5 format makes it easy to display the book even in smaller living spaces.

Book styled on a textured rug.
Credit: anooi studio

A biophilic year seeks to be a starting point, the beginning of a world where people and nature live next to each other as peers. I hope you will enjoy reading and much as I enjoyed writing!

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