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a biophilic year

a biophilic year

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365 thoughts on the essence and practice of biophilic design

What is biophilic design? And why does it matter so much now?

A Biophilic Year captures the essence of biophilic thinking and design in a thought-provoking form. Through 365 aphorisms, the book explores the value of placing people and nature at the very top of any design brief.

The aphorisms are meant to be a catalyst for inspiration as well as a starting point for reflection, highlighting the connections of biophilic thinking with sustainability, interior design and architecture, urban planning, and the way in which we see the world.

As a whole, A Biophilic Year is a nuanced journey across nature’s wisdom, the relationship between people and nature, and the role of spaces for human and natural wellbeing.


The journey unfolds across 4 states:

Connection: on people and nature.
Chapter 1 looks into the nuanced relationship between people and nature, exploring its intriguing complexity.

Perspective: the role of designed spaces.
Chapter 2 shifts the focus to designed spaces, looking into their impact on wellbeing as well as their role in restoring a deep and balanced relationship with the natural world.

Experience: the practice of biophilic design.
Chapter 3 looks into biophilic design insights, translating the essence of biophilic thinking into design solutions.

Integration: biophilic cities and the future.
Chapter 4 ventures into the realm of urban environments, looking into the potential of biophilic thinking and design in the development of better cities for people and nature.

reserved blog area: book-to-blog

A Biophilic Year doesn’t end on paper. The journey continues online in a dedicated and reserved blog area that extends the books’ physical pages into digital ones and opens the discussion.

Exclusive articles: expanding on the aphorisms with more insights and visual inspiration.

Topic request: participate in the book-to-blog initiative by requesting which aphorisms you’d like to know more about (reach out via email or DM).

To access the reserved blog area, send me a screenshot of your book receipt via email so I can unlock your access and welcome you in.

who is it for?

A Biophilic Year can be an intriguing introduction to the topic of biophilic design as well as an inspiring tool for those that are already familiar with the subject.

Overall, this book is suitable for practitioners, students and enthusiasts in the fields of interior design, architecture, landscape design, environmental studies, and urban planning.

why a book of aphorisms?

Because sometimes a concise sentence is more powerful than long pages of words. The beauty of aphorisms is that reading the same words at different times often yields a different thought, and two people reading the same words could come up with different ideas.

A Biophilic Year is not only about reading but it’s about reflecting, finding new ways to bring nature into designed spaces and designed spaces close to nature. This is the strength of this book: being a guide that leaves space for imagination and interpretation, setting a direction for creative thinking to unfold.

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