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Biophilic design room-by-room: the kitchen

in biophilic room-by-room

The kitchen is a crucial area in any home and one where practicality is key. Yet kitchens also have a role in bringing people closer to each other and to the natural world.

This episode of Biophilic Room-by-Room looks into the essence and the design of kitchens from a biophilic perspective

cooking as a biophilic exercise

The act of cooking can become a pleasure and a moment that builds connection in more than one sense.

Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste…all 5 senses are heavily involved while cooking, in an immersive and grounding activity. Local and seasonal ingredients build a connection with place and with nature’s changes throughout the year, and cooking from raw produce is a chance to connect with the origin of food.
From a personal perspective, cooking together doubles as a time to share thoughts, experiences, and ideas. A moment to gather with the rest of the family.

Wicker kitchen cabinet fronts hit by sunlight.
Credit: Nainoa

designing a biophilic kitchen

Especially in a heavily practical space like the kitchen, every functional need is an opportunity to incorporate a biophilic feature.

A glazed backsplash opens the view to the outdoors while being easy to clean. A planter integrated into the countertop carves a space to grow plants for cooking while introducing a lively and tactile element. The interaction with water that’s functional for cooking can be turned into an experience and design feature. All these solutions provide functionality while strengthening the bond with the natural world.

Contemporary kitchen with a window as backsplash.
Credit: Kitty Lee Architecture – Ph: The Palm Co
Stone kitchen countertop with textured edge.
Credit: Werkhaus Küchen - Ph: Josefine Unterhauser
Kitchen with rounded shapes and earthy colours.
Credit: Kate Cooper Interiors – Ph: Brock Beazley

As a whole, kitchens are spaces that build connection. They offer opportunities to gather with others and nurture a deep connection to nature in a distinctive way: through food.

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