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A selection of works that span across interior design, consulting, editorial, and lecturing while sharing one common objective: nourishing people and nature through design.

Flowy yoga studio

[interior design]

A yoga studio that reflects the flowing nature of yoga practice in the space. The same locally-sourced wood finish runs along walls, ceiling, and floor, creating a cave-like space that’s perfect to escape from the bustle of city life. The wavy ceiling draws the eye outdoors, where a lush garden of native species creates a rich natural scene. Through flowy movements, gentle light changes, and delicate sounds, the view highlights the ever-changing spectacle of nature, supporting a calm state of mind.

Flowy yoga studio material board: light wood, cork, paper lanterns, and greenery.
Flowy yoga studio: renders.

Calming bedroom

[interior design]

A residential bedroom where juxtaposed textures and a neutral palette craft a sensory and cuddling ambiance for rest. On the back wall, a full-height slatted wood finish adds depth, warmth, and richness while grounding the space. An upholstered bed structure and travertine nightstands echo the same colour scheme while contrasting in texture and feel. Real greenery foraged in the woods nearby invites a personal connection with the natural surroundings.

Calming bedroom material board: travertine, light wood, travertine nightstand, and foraged greenery.
Calming bedroom: renders.

Textile palette study


Material palette study for a textile collection drawing from sand as an element as well as a feeling. Originating from a close observation of sandy landscapes, the fabric selection evokes the qualities and variations of sand through visual as well as tactile features.

Sandy textile palette study: moodboard.
Sandy textile palette study: textile choices and nature's counterparts.

Biophilic design book


Physical + digital book delving into the nuances of biophilic thinking and design through aphorisms and essays. Combining physical and digital pages, the publication broadens the very notion of ‘book’ and opens new avenues for use, leaving space for exploration while providing a starting point for reflection and creative thinking.
A Biophilic Year

Biophilic design book: A Biophilic Year.
Biophilic design book: A Biophilic Year and digital expansion A Biophilic Year Archive.

Master lecture: blue spaces


Lecture on blue spaces exploring how water-based environments can be reconciled with urban areas. Covers: theoretical framework and underlying research, the importance of blue spaces for people and nature’s wellbeing, the relevance of blue spaces in the context of biophilic cities, the needs blue spaces can address in the urban realm, the design of effective blue spaces, case studies (written and video material). Lecturing and supervision of biophilic design master thesis.

Blue spaces: moodboard.
Blue spaces: a lakeside landscape.