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A selection of nourishing spaces by anooi studio. Designed to restore a deep and balanced relationship with the natural world. Rooted in the principles of biophilic design and sustainability.

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flowy yoga studio

This yoga studio reflects the flowing nature of yoga practice in the space. The same locally-sourced wood finish runs along walls, ceiling, and floor, creating a cave-like space that’s perfect to escape from the bustle of city life. The wavy ceiling draws the eye outdoors, where a lush garden of native species creates a rich natural scene. Through flowy movements, gentle light changes, and delicate sounds, the view highlights the ever-changing spectacle of nature, supporting a calm state of mind.

welcoming reception area

The reception area of this yoga studio welcomes guests into a lush yet soothing environment that inspires relaxation from the very first step. A full-height vertical garden rewilds the urban interior, making a statement. Wooden surfaces add depth and a richer tactile dimension to the space, while curved forms soften the ambiance, preparing the mind for a grounding practice.

calming bedroom

Juxtaposed textures and a neutral palette turn this bedroom into a sensory and cuddling space for rest. On the back wall, a full-height slatted wood finish adds depth and warmth. The upholstered bed structure and the travertine side table echo the same colour while contrasting in texture and feel. Real greenery foraged in the woods nearby sets a personal connection with the natural surroundings.

tactile living room

This living room is a triumph of curves and engaging tactile materials: from the richly textured artwork and the soft sofa and rug to the solid stone coffee tables and the warm wooden flooring. Oriented at an angle, the sofa opens to the rest of the room while keeping the garden view enjoyable when seating. An oversized plant placed right behind the sofa acts as a continuation of the outdoors, enriching the view with a tactile connection.