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towards a world where designed spaces live in balance with nature

Pebbles, plants, and material samples.

Biophilic design carries an inspiring view of the future, proving how we can design spaces that live in balance with nature.

To raise awareness, spread the word and inspire, anooi studio offers editorial services applied to both printed and online-based projects.

selected services:


printed press articles

inspirational articles on the theory and practice of biophilic design for design magazines and columns.


online articles and content

biophilic design content for online design publications, brand and design blogs, websites and social media.


presentation materials and books

content curation and copywriting for brochures, educational and presentation materials, books.

aimed at:

→ printed press design magazines + columns
→ online design publications + blogs
→ brands and design-related organizations (fairs + events, schools, inspirational…)

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