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Responding to current challenges
while shaping better spaces for
the future.

Tactile materials hit by the sun.

To support the transition to a world that lives more in balance with nature, anooi studio hosts seminars and lectures on the theory and practice of biophilic design as well as on a sustainability-centered approach to design.

Session programs are discussed case by case and adapted according to the audience.

Selected works:

Introductory biophilic design sessions for interior design students

Introduction to the fundamentals of biophilic thinking, its value, and design applications.

Professor in the biophilic design master “Biophilic design/progettazione biofilica. Progettare spazi per il benessere ispirati dalla saggezza della Natura” [Cusano University - Rome, Italy]

Lecturing and supervision of biophilic design master thesis.

Sustainable design sessions for design studios

Overview of innovative waste-based materials and products for design.

Aimed at:

→ design schools
→ design events
→ design + architecture studios
→ design brands

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