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anooi a nourishing intent


biophilic design helps
respond to the challenges
of our world, shaping
better spaces for the future

Biophilic design is not a passing trend. It is a fundamental shift in the way spaces are designed, a shift that can make living and working environments better both for people and for our planet.

To inspire and support the transition to a more biophilic world, anooi studio hosts seminars and lectures on the theory ad practice of biophilic design.

Topics include the origin of the concept, biophilic design principles, and the relevance of a biophilic approach in responding to current environmental and social challenges. Session programs are discussed case-by-case and adapted to each audience.

selected topics:

biophilic design: an introduction

introduction to the fundamentals of biophilic thinking, its value, and design applications.

biophilic design: principles and patterns

overview of the principles and patterns of biophilic design with applications and case studies.

aimed at:

→ design schools
→ design events
→ brands
→ design studios

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