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biophilic design room-by-room: the entryway

in biophilic room-by-room

The entryway is the space that separates the intimacy of a home from the outside world, a space that whispers welcome back.

This episode of Biophilic Room-by-Room looks into the essence and the design of entryways from a biophilic perspective

a welcoming experience

The entryway sets the transition between the outside world and the home, a transition that extends beyond its physical sense.

Being the first area in the space, the entryway should be welcoming, calming and inviting. In fact, designing an entryway moment – no matter how small – is a way to shift the atmosphere and introduce the sense of refuge that defines home as a feeling.

Entryway with a rough stone wall, wood ceiling and a soft welcoming bench.
Credit: Brian Paquette Interiors – Ph: Haris Kenjar

designing a biophilic entryway

A welcoming atmosphere comes from the combination of various design features. Sensory richness engages the body and the mind while appropriate lighting sets the desired ambiance, ranging from bright to cuddling. Rich textures, inviting shapes and welcoming colours are all elements to keep in mind.

Transitioning the space throughout the day and the year, changing lighting conditions, outdoor views and all design features that recall nature’s cycles add dynamism to the space. As an example, flowers and greenery can introduce seasonal references, embodying the distinctive features of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Entryway developing around a round table.
Credit: Studio McGee
Low bench in front of a window.
Credit: Mater
Welcoming entryway corner with textured vases and greenery.
Credit: Rôck&Villa

As a whole, the entryway is the first space of any home. And if the home is a personal sanctuary to unwind and recharge, the entryway should set the tone, anticipating a wellbeing-centered experience.