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biophilic design room-by-room: the living room

in biophilic room-by-room

The living room is the beating heart of the home, an area where various daytime activities take place. With so much happening in one single space, the atmosphere risks becoming restless and confused rather than grounding and nurturing.

This episode of Biophilic Room-by-Room looks into the essence and the design of living spaces from a biophilic perspective

a space for others and for the self

The living room is where guests are welcomed and entertaining takes place. Yet on a daily basis, the living room should feel like a warm hug, welcome moments of comfort and connection with family, and leave space for the self.

According to the occasion, living areas need to transition between gathering spaces and comforting alcoves, embodying the feeling of home in all its aspects.

Living room with soft juxtaposed textures and historical archietctural features.
Credit: Refin

designing a biophilic living room

Rich textures, natural shapes, and sensory richness are all elements that create a nurturing and engaging atmosphere. Appropriate lighting helps to match the ambiance to the occasion: soothing to unwind after a long day, uplifting and welcoming when entertaining.

Orienting the layout of the space according to the view strengthens the connection to nature’s changes and provides exposure to its restorative stimuli. Further connection to nature can come from design choices that reflect the identity of the place: greenery foraged nearby is probably the most accessible example.

Living area with planted wall, rich textures, and exposure to the outdoors.
Credit: APD Arquitectos – Visualization: Alena Valyavko
A tonal juxtaposition of textures: a rough stone vase, a wooden stool, and a soft armchair.
Credit: Cereal
Textured living room.
Credit: Sixpenny

The living room is a space to gather with friends, spend time with family and connect with the self. A design that incorporates references to the natural world creates a restorative ambiance that is able to transition between atmospheres while remaining deeply nourishing.

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