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biophilic solutions from milan design week 2021

in biophilic design

Trade shows and design events are occasions to get inspired and find ideas. From my perspective, I always look for insights that resonate with the notion of nourishing spaces, in a combination of biophilic solutions, durability, and conscious design.

Following are my highlights from Milan Design Week 2021

a fascinating exploration

Exhibition centers are big empty boxes with no natural light and dry finishes. Besides the pieces on show, the venue is usually not particularly enticing.

At Supersalone, a few elements went in a more welcoming direction. The entrance courtyard – usually empty – was livened up with real trees meant to be planted around the city after the fair. Inside, the post-pandemic open booth concept took away the intimacy of closed booths, removing also the secluded spaces where private conversations with brand representatives take place. A sense of privacy was recreated with partially enclosed areas immersed within real plants. Adding to the visiting experience, pathways between booth lines were framed by arches whose colours and shapes created a mysterious cave-like feeling that acted as an invitation to further explore the space.

Cave-like pathway between booth lines.
Credit: Stefano Boeri Architetti – Ph: anooi studio

nature is design

Botanica Collettiva created a showroom where design and nature complemented each other.

Filled with soft natural light, the exhibition unfolded along an organic pathway defined by lush plants. Design oasis opened throughout, showcasing furniture pieces in what felt like a natural environment. Besides sofas, armchairs and lamps, plants were also at hand’s reach, adding to the tactile experience. The presence of real butterflies flying around introduced an element of surprise, adding life and delicate natural movements to the space.

Design exhibition with furniture peeking through plants.
Credit: Studiopepe – Ph: anooi studio
Close-up: a sofa peeking through plants.
Credit: Studiopepe – Ph: anooi studio
Close-up: a butterfly resting on a paper lantern.
Credit: Studiopepe – Ph: anooi studio

water without water

Designing with water doesn’t always mean adding actual water to a space.

Aqva explored this exact concept, showcasing ways to create a sense of water through shapes, colours, reflections, and transparencies.

Vase with a wavy texture reflecting on a water-like mirrored surface.
Credit: Artemest – Ph: anooi studio
Glass side table with a flowy shape.
Credit: Artemest – Ph: anooi studio