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Applying biophilic design: a look inside the creative process

in biophilic design

Introducing a new publication by anooi: Applying Biophilic Design: a comprehensive guide on the application of biophilic design.

What follows is a journey behind the scenes of Applying Biophilic Design, with a look into the creative process and an overview of contents…

actionable and nuanced

A biophilic approach to design can only drive change in the world when it is applied, shaping spaces and defining experiences.

Applying Biophilic Design is a practice-oriented publication that provides an actionable yet nuanced representation of biophilic design. The desire to bring together two partially diverging objectives inspired a multi-layer structure for this publication, in a combination of different languages

a combination of languages

The publication covers different languages: words, visuals, and conversation.

Words. The written guide is a compact yet comprehensive overview of the relevant concepts and design features that underpin biophilic spaces: spaces that support people while celebrating and respecting nature. Originating from an extensive review of the existing biophilic design literature as well as anooi’s perspective on the topic, the guide provides a digested and nuanced outline of the essentials.

Visuals. Complementing the written guide is the Visual Library of Biophilic Design: a curated visual archive of biophilic design solutions. Carefully selected visuals provide examples for the principles outlined in the guide while capturing the variety of ways in which one design principle can translate into practice. Visuals are organized by space type and categorized according to the biophilic features they represent, making navigation easy and practical.

Conversation. Digging into the depth and width of biophilic design is likely to raise questions, doubts, and curiosities. This is why a mentoring session is included in the bundle. A dedicated time for us to meet, have a conversation, and address questions and curiosities that might have come up while reading the guide and browsing through the visuals.

The book Applying Biophilic Design and the Visual Library of Biophilic Design.
Credit: anooi studio
Preview of the Visual Library of Biophilic Design.
Credit: anooi studio

designing a better future

A biophilic approach empowers the design of better spaces for people and nature: spaces that are restorative and enjoyable for people, enriching and respectful for nature, as well as more resilient in the face of future challenges. Yet the potential of biophilic thinking and design can be fully realized only by embracing it down to its deepest meaning.

This is where this publication strives to sit: in between compact and comprehensive, outlining the depth of the subject while focusing on its practice, so we can start designing a better world – for us and for our planet.

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The book Applying Biophilic Design and the Visual Library of Biophilic Design.
Credit: anooi studio